The Journey

by Rippy Austin

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Every once in a while, a rare individual arises on the landscape who exudes an exceptional level of artistic achievement and integrity. That individual is an artist who sets the pace, and whose name and work are synonymous with the term, “Renaissance.” Such an artist is Los Angeles-based designer, musician, rapper, singer and producer Rippy Austin, a “Renaissance Man” in the truest sense. Rippy is a 23-year-old artist who is passionate about creating music that is true to who he is.

Rippy’s music is a tasteful blend of hip hop, soul, jazz, and expressionism. He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area until relocating to Indianapolis, Indiana where he was also raised. Rippy also spent time in North Carolina before moving to Los Angeles where he’s been the last four years. Growing up living and traveling around multiple city markets, his music is a direct reflection of his diverse upbringing. His exposure--culturally, creatively, and geographically--can truly be sensed through his music.

Rippy Austin’s first full album, The Journey is finally here. Rippy is the primary writer and vocalist for every song on the album. In addition, he also produced all the music with the help of good friend, producer and sound engineer Robert Casey from Indianapolis. Casey also sound engineered the entire album. The two constructed the album over the course of a year. The Journey also features a list of talented artists including his brothers B9 and Tazzo, as well as artists Nate P, Mykestro, Marcus Paul, and Matt Lovett.

This Album explores the ideas of Sound, Art, and Travel.

Overall, this album is a direct reflection of life’s trials, frustrations, triumphs, and showcases the ability to withstand, keep the faith and endure through it all.

“My life thus far has been a long, yet so rewarding Journey. I just hope that what translates through the music inspires you to realize your purpose and continue your own journey” - Rippy Austin

Above words written by: Arish Rountree


released October 2, 2014

Entire Album Written by: Garrett "Rippy Austin" Rountree
Entire Album Produced by: Garrett "Rippy Austin" Rountree and
Robert Casey Gault.
Entire Album Engineered by: Robert Casey Gault.

Additional Musicians:
Guitar- Matt Lovett
Piano and Trumpet: Marcus Paul

Additional Vocalists:
Nate P

Album Art Design by: Rippy Austin



all rights reserved


Rippy Austin Los Angeles, California

Producer and Designer of "Patiently Waiting"

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Track Name: We On ft. Tazzo x Mykestro
First Verse: Rippy Austin:

"Pour Up, a little drank or something feeling great I celebrate another day of stunting, million dollars in the bottom up my bank it's nothing boy...sho-nuff, what you thought I was a lame or somethin? Think again I'll probably vacate in Kuwait this summer, take your girl up under, then out for a date she love me uh...No lie, man I get it in set the game on fire, should've been a believer but you were too shy, never wanna fall so I ball multiply, about to take off like a supernova, take you to Mars and we off for the night, sippin this dom perignon what a hell of a life, for a price might get to try, have whatever you like and I pride myself upon the little things that you site...oh well, bring it bring it right here
I do what I love forget what you think you're irrelevant, never wanted to sync time, everyday I'm getting paid, live life shine bright like a diamond, talk now bet you're wondering how I'm on top never flop man I fight on"